Using User Defined Table parameters of the same name in a stored procedure

When using a stored procedure that uses UDT (User defined table) you may get the following error  “An item with the same key has already been added” when using the Consume Adaptor Service as shown below.


This error was due because I was using the same UDT ([NameTVP]) for 2 of parameters in the stored procedure as shown below at lines 3 and 4.

   1: CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.bts_LoadAddress

   2:     -- Add the parameters for the stored procedure here

   3:     @Region [NameTVP] readonly,

   4:     @Town [NameTVP] readonly


It appears the adaptor wizard cannot handle several User Defined Tables using the same name  for the parameters. The simple resolution is to use distinct names for the UDT’s to avoid this error.

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