Error updating AX entities using the Dynamics 365 for Operations connector in Logic Apps

When trying to update an entity via the Dynamics 365 connector you may encounter the following error.

{ “status”: 400, “message”: “Only 1 of 2 keys provided for lookup, provide keys for SalesOrderNumber,dataAreaId.”, “source”: “” }

One would think passing the ItemInternalId guid value which is the primary key for the entity as the Object Id property would be adequate to find the record to update. Seems not by the error being thrown back.



Apparently you need to supply the 2 keys,  SalesOrderNumber and dataAreaId  which was mentioned in the error response message as the Object Id as shown below. Note the comma between the sales order number (Sales Order) and the dataAreaId (Company)


So the item path for the entity to update looking from the code view would look like this:




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