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Robust Cloud Integration with Azure

For the last year I have been busy co-authoring this book on Azure Cloud Integration with my follow co-authors Abhishek Kumarm, Martin Abbott, Gyanendra Kumar Gautam, James Corbould and Ashish Bhanbhani. It is available on the Packt website here: https://www.packtpub.com/virtualization-and-cloud/robust-cloud-integration-azureContinue reading

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Using SQL2008 Data Table Type & BizTalk to insert parent-child rows

I wanted a way to insert a parent row with multiple child rows in one single transaction into a database using BizTalk 2010. The solution I came up with uses the table data type in SQL 2008 to insert parent-child … Continue reading

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Creating a composite response schema for the BizTalk SQL WCF Adapter

I had a scenario where I was requesting several different complex xml documents from a SQL database to a BizTalk application. Returning xml from the stored procedures were used because of the relational structure of the data and to avoid … Continue reading

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