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Scatter-Gather pattern using an Azure Event Grid

This is another version of the scatter-gather integration pattern which I previously blogged about some time ago.  The pervious version was based on using  service bus topics and Logic Apps which polled for new messages. Whilst this was adequate for … Continue reading

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Content based message routing using Azure Logic Apps, Function and Service Bus

Content Based Routing (CBR) is another pattern used in the integration world. The contents of the message determines the endpoint of the message. This article will describe one option to develop this pattern using an Azure Service Bus, an Azure … Continue reading

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Integration Scatter-Gather pattern using Azure Logic Apps and Service Bus

Recently I have taken a role as the Integration Architect and tech lead for a project to integrate messaging between MS Dynamics 365  AX/CRM and 3rd party systems. This was a huge solution that took over 10 months to design … Continue reading

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Enforcing Ordered Delivery using Azure Logic Apps and Service Bus

When consuming messages from an Azure service bus the order may not be guaranteed due to the brokered based messaging scheme where multiple consumers can consume messages from the bus. Sure you can force the Logic App to execute as … Continue reading

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Robust Cloud Integration with Azure

For the last year I have been busy co-authoring this book on Azure Cloud Integration with my follow co-authors Abhishek Kumarm, Martin Abbott, Gyanendra Kumar Gautam, James Corbould and Ashish Bhanbhani. It is available on the Packt website here: https://www.packtpub.com/virtualization-and-cloud/robust-cloud-integration-azureContinue reading

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